Evangelism and Outreach

This comprises the mind-set and interventions for needs-oriented soul-winning. Matthew 28:19-20 includes soul-winning as a key component of discipling.


Church Manual (19TH EDITION) explicitly recognises this strategy pillar: “The gospel commission of Jesus tells us that making disciples, which includes baptizing and teaching, is the primary function of the church (Matt. 28:18-20). It is, therefore, also the primary function of the board, which serves as the chief committee of the church. When the board devotes its first interests and highest energies to involving every member in proclaiming the good news and making disciples, most problems are alleviated or prevented, and a strong, positive influence is felt in the spiritual life and growth of members.” (Page 129)


The Church Manual enjoins the board to “Encourage the interest coordinator to ensure that every interest is personally and promptly followed up by assigned laypersons.” (Page 132)

Interest Coordination is an untapped opportunity to accomplish mission in the manner envisaged by God in giving the Great Commission. Interest Coordination is the missing link in the mission cycle; it nurtures potential members sufficiently before they are baptised, helping with retention.